1. The Book of Acts

The study of the Book of Acts is a complete exposition following the natural outlines of the Book found in Acts 1:8. The Jerusalem Church until the rejection of the second sign of Jonah. Evangelism in Samaria, Judea and then the remotest part of the heart, a Jewish idiom for the Gentile world. It also includes a detailed study of the issue of tongues in the Book and Paul’s three missionary Journeys.


2. Revelation

The Sword Ministries’ study of the Book of Revelation includes a careful scrutiny of the Times of the Gentiles found in the Book of Daniel chapters 2 & 7.Then, in Revelation 1:19 it follows the natural three divisions: “The things which you have seen” – meaning John’s description of the Glorified Son of Man – Jeshua; “The things which are” – meaning the Church Age; and finally the most extensive part “The things which will take place after these things” – meaning the Rapture of the Church, the Great Tribulation, the Second Coming of Yeshua, the Eternal Order and much more…