The 10 divisions of the life of the Messiah: “A Harmony of the Gospels” (Para 1 to 184) 1.The introduction of the King. (Para. 1 to 27). Outlines Division 1 It covers the Birth of Jesus until the temptation. 2.The authentication of the King. (Para. 28 to 56). Outlines Division 2 Jesus authenticates His Messiahship […]


1. The Place of the Dead Yeshua (Jesus) predicted that He would go down “in the heart of the earth”. In which part of the center of the earth did He go and what did He accomplish there? This thought-provoking subject will be dealt with in four major parts. The first major part is the […]


1. The Book of Acts The study of the Book of Acts is a complete exposition following the natural outlines of the Book found in Acts 1:8. The Jerusalem Church until the rejection of the second sign of Jonah. Evangelism in Samaria, Judea and then the remotest part of the heart, a Jewish idiom for […]