1. The Place of the Dead

Yeshua (Jesus) predicted that He would go down “in the heart of the earth”. In which part of the center of the earth did He go and what did He accomplish there? This thought-provoking subject will be dealt with in four major parts. The first major part is the “UNSEEN WORLD” that is a study of the thirteen different words describing the unseen world. The second division involves the place of the dead in the Old Testament. The third division talks about the place of the dead today, and the fourth and last part deals with the place of the dead in the future.


2. The Names of God

A proper reverence and worship of God can only be ascribed by deepening our understanding of His Names and the relationship that we believers sustain to them. This recording of a concise Bible study seminar on the Names of God comes complete with an outline on the subject. The seminar was primarily concerned with the Hebrew Names of God found in the Old Testament. You are invited to discover all that is contained within the Greatness and the Holiness of His Name.


3. Romans 9-11 (the Remnant of Israel & The Olive Tree)

Have you ever heard or read Christian literature making statements such as: “God has nothing to do with the Jews anymore, The Church is now the new Israel or maybe you can lose your Salvation by the expression of being broken off the Olive Tree”? If the answer to the above question is affirmative, you will soon discover that Paul had none of these things in mind. May you be blessed of the Lord, as you discover perhaps the most fascinating part and yet misunderstood doctrine of the Pauline Epistles.


4. The Gifts of the Spirit

The Gifts of The Spirit is a segment of theology that has suffered more at the hands of its friends, rather than the hands of its foes. Learn about God’s purposes in bestowing these Gifts to all the members of His Body, The Church. It could prove to be a turning point in your walk with Yeshua, as you seek to serve Him. We trust and pray that your commitment to God’s Word through this seminar will teach you, bless you, and challenge you.