The 10 divisions of the life of the Messiah: “A Harmony of the Gospels” (Para 1 to 184)

1.The introduction of the King. (Para. 1 to 27). Outlines Division 1

It covers the Birth of Jesus until the temptation.

2.The authentication of the King. (Para. 28 to 56). Outlines Division 2

Jesus authenticates His Messiahship by means of His claims and miracles, also including the Sermon on

the Mount.

3.The controversy over the King. (Para. 57 to 71). Outlines Division 3

This is a very crucial division where the leadership of Israel reject His Messianic claims.

4.The training of the twelve by the King. (Para. 72 to 95). Outlines Division 4

Jesus here trains the twelve apostles as a result of the National Rejection.  Also includes the only miracle

recorded by the four Gospel writers.

5.The opposition to the King. (Para. 96 to 111). Outlines Division 5

Now the opposition comes from the leaders as well as from the common people.

6.The preparation of the disciples by the King. (Para. 112 to 127). Outlines Division 6

Here He prepares the disciples for His coming death.  This division also includes the famous Resurrection

of Lazarus.

7.The official presentation of the King. (Para. 128 to 138). Outlines Division 7

This section covers the final conflict with the Pharisees and the close of His public ministry.

8.The preparation for the death of the King. (Para. 139 to 152). Outlines Division 8

This section includes no less than two great discourses; the Olivet Discourse and the Upper room


9.The Rejection of the King/trial & death. (Para. 153 to 168). Outlines Division 9

This division included the Religious Trial and the Civil Trial of Jesus.

10.The Resurrection and Ascension of the King. (Para. 169 to 184). Outlines Division 10

It includes an extensive survey of the details of the resurrection and more.